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How Do I Reset the Check Engine Light on my RAM 1500?

<a href=""><img src="/images/upload/lFkq5rQtmKKpC8HhueyDpL0JQOv1lQQDFxsPoOgR.jpg" alt="A photo of a black-coloured interior of a Ram 1500 showing the steering wheel and dashboard."/></a>

Regina drivers with a RAM 1500 may have gotten work done at a service centre to improve its towing capacity and performance, but still see their RAM 1500 check engine light illuminated. So, how to reset the check engine light on RAM 1500? It just requires three simple steps.
Turn your battery off by disconnecting the negative cable.
Wait for 20 minutes to reset the RAM 1500 check engine light.
• Reconnect the negative cable.

Manitou Mainline Chrysler has more information about how to reset the check engine light on the RAM 1500, including troubleshooting tips and other important information, below!


How to Reset the Check Engine Light: Other Details

As many Moose Jaw drivers know, changes in manufacturing and design can affect how your vehicle’s computer operates. Here are some factors to weigh in if you’re having trouble with the reset:
• Older Computers: What you’re doing when you reset the RAM 1500 check engine light is resetting the computer. On older trucks, the computer may require you to drive 50 miles in your RAM to reset the check engine light!

• Other Systems: Because you are resetting the computer, you are likely resetting the other electronic systems inside, including the security system. You may need to re-do some of your customizations.

• Gas Cap Check: A common culprit for a check engine light that won’t turn off is the ever-nefarious loose gas cap. You won’t believe how great you’ll feel when you find out all you have to do is screw that puppy in tight!

Check Engine Light: What it Means

So, what is your RAM 1500 check engine light telling you? The above instructions relate to a scenario when you’ve already gotten your truck fixed. A check engine light indicates a problem that your engine computer senses. If you’re not sure what it is indicating or are experiencing engine trouble, you can always schedule service with a Saskatoon area service centre. Here are some other tips for figuring out what that light indicates:
• Check Engine Codes: Your engine computer generates a few specific codes that can tell you what’s wrong with your engine. If you want to go full DIY, you can buy an automotive diagnostic scanner. But deciphering these is usually the job of a truck mechanic.

• Is it the Check Engine Light?: You’d be surprised how many seasoned drivers confuse one light for another! It’s safest to look at your owner’s manual to make sure you know which light is illuminated.

Get Engine Service with Manitou Mainline Chrysler

At Manitou Mainline Chrysler, we’re always happy to help Watrous drivers take care of their vehicles, whether it’s teaching them how to reset a check engine light on the RAM 1500 or checking oil. If you’ve got any questions about your vehicle warning lights or want to find out more, use this form to ask a tech at our service centre!