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Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

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Most commonly, the answer to “why is my steering wheel shaking?” is that the alignment of your tires is off. When tires are unbalanced, the wheels can make your steering wheel—and potentially the whole car—vibrate and shake. However, there are other issues that can cause the steering wheel to shake, too. Learn more about these potential causes with the auto service pros at Manitou Mainline Chrysler, below!

Five Causes of a Vibrating Steering Wheel

There are five common issues that can cause your steering wheel to shake when driving from Regina to Saskatoon, and each one could point to a different underlying issue. With that said, you should not ignore a shaking steering wheel and will want to bring your vehicle in for service if you do experience it.

• Misalignment: Similar to unbalanced wheels, improper vehicle alignment can also cause a shaking steering wheel. If you’re always careful to avoid potholes and you always take bumps in the road with caution, misalignment is less likely to be your culprit, but you can tell rather easily if the tread on your tires is uneven.
• Bad bearings: If your bearings are damaged or don’t have a proper lubrication, they can cause friction, which leads to shaking of the steering wheel. However, the steering wheel may only shake when you’re turning it. Much of the time, simply cleaning your bearings can help. But, if there’s extensive damage, replacement may be necessary which can be expensive with labor costs.
• Suspension issues: If there are any worn or loose parts, or an imbalanced driveshaft, you might be looking at suspension issues as the cause. Thankfully, these are simple fixes, but they shouldn’t be delayed as the longer you wait the more damage you can incur.
• Brake issues: Does your steering wheel shake when you slow down? This signals that the issue is with your brakes. Worn brake pads, worn shocks, or defective disc brakes can be the cause. Brake pads are another simple replacement, but they can be quite costly.
• Unbalanced wheels: Your tires’ weight distribution is important, and if it’s uneven when the tires are installed, you’ll likely feel the vehicle vibrating. This is a common cause in vehicles with lightweight suspension systems. If left unresolved, you could be facing costly issues with shocks, struts, and other steering components in the future.

Head to Manitou Mainline Chrysler for Reliable Auto Service

When you come to Manitou Mainline Chrysler near Moose Jaw and tell us “my steering wheel shakes,” our certified factory-trained service technicians are ready to help. Our state of the art service department has the tools and equipment needed to inspect and repair your vehicle, and our service specials are always here to help you save! Schedule an appointment online or contact us today to get started.